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About Planet Land Comics

Planet Land Comics is an online comic publication. Browse our Archives to get started reading!

Planet Land Comics is artist built and run. We've erected a collection of original comics with hundreds of pages available and free to read. We prefer to release chunks of pages, or chapters, periodically. Stay updated by following us:

Our comic "reader" is intened to be non obtrusive and is inspired by manga-readers. PLC is 100% ad free. Our original series are created for and published on Planet Land Comics (comics owned by their creators). Our comics so far are ( ongoing completed ):

Diamond Cutter by Eoin Magee Chaos Sword by Cory Tran New Challenger by Eoin Magee **Road Bastards 2 (Various) Blood Rush by Eoin Magee Excessive Force by Eoin Magee Filial Piety by Stefan Autsa S.O.D.T. by Stefan Autsa

Visit our Release Notes / Blog for archival information and details on comics, releases, and artists.

Please note, Excessive Force (and all of our comics here) are free, but if you would like to support Eoin and his comics, you can also pick up Excessive Force on Gumroad ($1!).

**Road Bastards 2: The Length of Ouroboros is our massive outworldly racing epic. You can start reading RB2 now: Road Bastards 2 Episode 1or visit the site for more details. All mortals are welcome to the thrills!

We also have a few straggling practice, experiment, or defunct comics. These are short comics, being only a handful of pages, and we add to them randomly, to give them a home. You can read these in The Athenaeum (there's also Merc Beat, a old weekly by Eoin Magee).

Planet Land Comics is made up of Cory Tran, Eoin Magee, and Stefan Autsa.
Special thanks to Mike Mcghee, Fil, and Calvin Boetto. Without their help, Planet Land Comics could not have been a reality.

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*** Planet Land Comics is built and run by Cory Tran. Any feedback and/or questions on the site are appreciated. Our contact details are here, and found at the bottom of every page. Our comic reader runs on Grawlix CMS.***