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Planet Land Comics is an online and small press publisher of comics by Cory Tran and Eoin Magee. Our comics are readable online, and we have a store for printed editions 📕. Road Bastards 2 Part 2 is our first printed comic, and most of our future comics will have print versions.

We have five current series, and release comics in chapters (or issues, or books). Road Bastards 2 is probably the best place to start, it's two 100% action race comics. Eoin's New Challenger is fantastic, it's one chapter of wrestling tournament action/ drama/ comedy, with more chapters coming soon. Blood Rush is a complete 150 page vampire/supernatural brawl comic. Diamond Cutter is Eoin's first, and long running dodgeball and mech shonen comic. Chaos Sword is my earliest longform comic, which has been discontinued… But Sokyo X is my new comic (a future release).

Each series has their own website, too! Please enjoy our comics, thank you.

Since we release pages in chapters at a time, our releases can be pretty spread out. We're working hard to make more, better, comics, faster! But, there are loads of amazing comics out there to read in the meantime. The best way to keep updated with our comics is our newsletter (We send it out only when we release comics).

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We're ad-free and want reading our comics to be as simple and clean as possible. Navigation should be easy. If you have any issues with the site, or want to contact either of us (or both); professional or not, please visit our

Website Stuff

I (Cory) build and run PLC. If you encounter any problems, or would like to give feedback on the site, please contact us via email. We use WooCommerce for our store page. We use Mailchimp for mailing list processing. The engine running the comic page turns is ComicControl (a comic CMS).


  • Cory Tran makes comics, manages the site and stuff, and is a co-founder of Planet Land Comics.
  • Eoin Magee creates comics and co-founded Planet Land Comics.

Special thanks to Stefan Autsa, Mike Mcghee, Fil, and Calvin Boetto.

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Planet Land Comics is ad and registration free. However, all websites are required to have a Privacy Policy.

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