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Chaos Sword
A swordsman, with powerful and mysterious swords (each with a special ability), finds a scientist to help understand their power - and learn to control them. As fate schemes, the swordsman can't seem to escape trouble that forces him to violence. And the scientist, with his own traumatic history, doesn't ever seem truly be sober. Chaos Sword is an experimental genre exploration comic, orbiting an action-drama.

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Words that help describe Chaos Sword...

Drama - Mystery - Action - B&W - Experimental - Swords - Guns - Sci-Fi - Ongoing - Slow-Burn

Forgotten-Technology - Alternative - Dirt - Natural-Disasters - Aftermath - Art-Improvement - Relationships - Cover-Story - Chaos

Bar - Alcohol(ism) - Creator-Growth - Post-Post-Apocalyptic - Gangs

More About Chaos Sword

Chaos Sword was my first PLC comic, started in 2009. Despite the years, the story is just beginning, with much more to come. The art and writing changes considerably over the pages so far, but only for the better.

For hesitant readers, a good place to start is at Chapter 2, which just started. Both the cover stories and swordsman and scientist story start blooming. If that snapshot intrigues you, head back and start from Chapter 1.

Each sword has its own special abilities, one dominant and obvious, and others often hidden or subdued. Some of these are discovered, some only theorized. Each sword is a mystery, a puzzle to be unlocked, along with our characters and their relationships.

Chaos Sword was always intended, and continues, to be a genre bending and experimental comic. That is to say, the story itself is structured and our characters live in their story, but how that is told, in the medium of comics, shouldn't be easily presumed, and isn't easily defined. My other comic, the exciting hyper racing comic Road Bastards 2 , can be.

Cory Tran

Cory Tran is a co-founder of Planet Land Comics, manages the comics on it, and builds the site. In fact, I'm writing this copy you're reading! Please give Chaos Sword a chance! The art, story, and writing all improve, and every release I try to make better than the last. Chaos Sword was my first comic on PLC, before Road Bastards 2.

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Chaos Sword is currently on Chapter Two. Each chapter is broken into Parts.

Cory releases Parts at a time (~10-15 pages).

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Chapter 2 Part 4 next. Chaos is on hiatus as of 2020

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Chapter 1 Parts 1-6

The first six parts introduce us to the town, in it's current state. A double-armed hothead makes an appearance, and we gain clues about where the scientist disappeared to. The art blows here.

The Beginning

Chapter 1 Parts 7-12

The art starts to make some jumps in these parts. The scientist is found and now escape is the objective. Some action heavy pages.

Avoiding Bullets

Chapter 1 Parts 13-15

The art jumps again and begins to find it's place. A lot of action these parts, and we learn more about a new sword.

Swords vs Bullets

Chapter 2 Part 1

We follow the two as they embark on their new journey. We finally learn about what Chaos is. Can the two stand a chance against it? What is this world?


Chapter 2 Part 2

Take a step back through time to the first meeting between the two. This is also the start of the connected cover stories, which span the rest of the chapter.


Chapter 2 Part 3

Learn the swordsmans motivation for meeting the scientist, and delve into the mystery of the swords. How do they work, and why?

Slicing Glass

Chapter 2 Part 4

Coming Soon

Spoiler Warning

If you are a new reader, do not delve too deep! SPOILERS await!

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The Chaos Sword Cover Gallery

** WIP - This Section is Under Construction **

Below are the characters and swords, and what we know about them so far. Information is scant, but each release will reveal a little more. Everything is canon.

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