Blood Rush returns

So, I’ve been off the block for a while, but I’m back..

with 26 PAGES!!!!!!

That’s right, that’s right, hold the applause.

Behold my new publishing strategy, this month is Blood rush and next month will be chapter 7 of Diamond Cutter, then the next Blood Rush batch and so on and so forth for eternity.

Anyways, I’ve got to get back to training for the 100m at the London Olympics.

1 thought on “Blood Rush returns”

  1. Long time no see!! And with a huge bundle of pages, no less. It’s kind of a slog, isn’t it? I’m still only halfway through mine, with just under a month to go…

    But this kind of update works great, no longer any interruptions to the action scenes: we can just tear through in one go and savor it until the next month comes around. Looking forward to Diamond Cutter and the rest of this year!!

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