Painting the sky black

Hola!! Tired beyond all fathombility. Drawing comics until my wacom runs out of ink. Etcetera.

Previews of said comics (currently 38% done) ::

Still some tweaks to be done but this is close. Let’s see how I feel in a week.

While I was here, I scanned in a few pages from an old “How To Draw Pen & Ink” manga book. I didn’t buy it to learn how to draw manga, but for the Yasuhiro Nightow interview contained within.

This interview is a little old, and I believe he draws with a Cintiq now so some of these tips are no longer in his use. Also the paper used in this book is so hard you could probably use it as a springboard, but not to scan pages easily so some parts of the words are hard to read. Apologies.

Now to go to bed and dream of further sleep in dreamland. Tired like a cliché.

2 thoughts on “Painting the sky black”

  1. Yeah Trigun gets pretty crazy, both in art and just trying to comprehend what the hell is going on haha.

    Nightow has a new comic going on called Blood Blockade Battlefront, I consider that better in most regards so check that out first. Dark Horse has that shit out right now!

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