New Chaos Sword (13pgs) + 2014/15 Planet Land Update!

Welcome new visitors! This is the new Planet Land Comics webpage, I hope you like it. More on the site, after these comics:

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Chaos Sword Update! Part 13, 13 pages. You can start the update here.
or, if you’re new to the series, visit the Chaos Sword page.

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Thanks for reading. If you’re new to Planet Land Comics, you can follow us on Twitter
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For Chaos Sword, I work traditionally until after inks, then I letter and tone digitally. Recently, I’ve migrated my digital work space into Manga Studio. I’m very happy with the program but the internet doesn’t provide very much support (unlike PS, where solutions can be found one web search away). Because of this change, these new Chaos Sword pages are toned with grays and gradients; without any screentones (that I had previously been using).

Now, onto talking about the new site! First, though, for comic artist in the cloud of unknown, we have a community comic called Road Bastards 2: The Length of Ouroboros. It has it’s own site!


Still reading this post? If you want comics, warp to the PL Archives and start reading comics.

For logs sake, here’s what’s updated on the site:
– PL “home”, this page!
– Our “reader”, the webpages you read our comics on, has been remade. It’s cleaner, simpler, and the comics are now easier to read. There is a dropdown in the top left of each “reader” page that are quick links to other series.
– Our comics archive page is remade.
Road Bastards 2 front page, guidelines, and about pages are updated.
– The Road Bastards 2 Archives page is remade and has an expanded illustration. The future holds a much longer episode list!
PL About and PL Contact pages received some illustrated headers.