RELEASE: Diamond Cutter Chapter 11: Eoin Magee’s 21 page update!

Eoin Magee’s shonen dodgeball (and mech) comic is out, a 21 page chapter free to read right now:

Read Diamond Cutter Chapter 11

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If you’re new to Diamond Cutter, Visit the Series Page! (It’s 200+ pages of original and fun shonen spirit webcomics.)

Diamond Cutter 11 cutout2

The Dodgeball season begins here as Beatdown High take the first step on the road to the Beatdown City High School dodgeball championship.

Diamond Cutter is created, written, and drawn by Eoin Magee. Chapter 11 has some backgrounds and tones done by Cory Tran (the other Planet Land Comics artist!).

Diamond Cutter Chapter 11 Cover 2

Diamond Cutter Chapter 11 Cover 1

Diamond Cutter 11 page 1 Diamond Cutter 11 page 12

Diamond Cutter and Eoin’s other comics are all available free to read and ad-free on Planet Land Comics! Browse the PLC Archives for more comics. Eoin’s other comics are New Challenger, and Blood Rush.

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