ANNOUNCEMENT: Road Bastards 2 Returns Sept 14th! 32 page comic by Cory Tran

Road Bastards 2 ep 4 cutout1

Road Bastards 2 (The Length of Ouroboros) is coming back! Episode 4 by Cory Tran will be 32 pages. This inter-dimensional, galactic wide, racing comic transmission arrives September 14th, 2017. (Mark your digital or analog scheduling system.)

Unfamiliar? We have a site:

Road Bastards 2: The Length of Ouroboros!

Road Bastards 2 is a hyper racing comic / webcomic. It’s free to read and ad free!

So far, there are three short comics: two by Stefan Autsa and one by Cory Tran (not including this upcoming comic!).

(So far, it’s only 27 pgs)

Read from the beginning!

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