RELEASE: Road Bastards 2: Episode 4 by Cory Tran (32 pages)!

The time has come! Our biggest release yet:

Road Bastards 2: The Length of Ouroboros: Episode 4 (by Cory Tran) is out!

It’s 32 pages of speed: pure racing!

Read Road Bastards Episode 4 NOW!

Road Bastards 2: The Length of Ouroboros Logo

You can also start from Road Bastards 2 EPISODE 1!

Which actually gives you a bonus, since Stefan Autsa redid the first two pages of Road Bastards 2! (See below for one, too)

This comic was quite an experience. In the Road Bastards 2 spirit, I tried something out of my normal mode of comic-making. Firstly, this was the longest set of pages I worked on in one run, 32. Along with knowing it was going to be color, I altered the method (or style?) in order to speed up my (normally slow) drawing speed. Secondly, I inked this with technical pens! I used four Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph pens (0, 00, 1, and 3, I think), and one old Koh-I-Noor pen from the 70’s. The color job is satisfactory, I think the comic reads fine, but I’m still learning.

This, Episode 4, is actually “Part 1 of 5” of my complete contribution to Road Bastards 2: The Length of Ouroboros. I’ve written each part, but since the objective of creating Road Bastards 2 comics is to challenge oneself, I cannot guarantee Part 2 will be seen in 2018! My focus currently, and next year, is Chapter Two of Chaos Sword, my ongoing comic here on Planet Land Comics! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the ride!

Here’s the first page redone by Stefan Autsa:

Road Bastards 2 page 1 by Stefan Autsa

Here are the first 6 pages of Road Bastards 2 Episode 4:

Road Bastards 2 Episode 4 page 1 by Cory Tran

Road Bastards 2 Episode 4 page 2 by Cory Tran

   Road Bastards 2 Episode 4 page 3 by Cory Tran

Road Bastards 2 Episode 4 page 4 by Cory Tran

Road Bastards 2 Episode 4 page 5 by Cory Tran 

Road Bastards 2 Episode 4 page 6 by Cory Tran

I’ve also redone the Road Bastards 2 Site recently, which is a good portal into Road Bastards 2, specifically, if you want to share the racing comic. As always, if you run into any site issues, please contact us.


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