RELEASE: Chaos Sword Chapter 2 Part 1, by Cory Tran – 11 Page Comic Update

Chaos Sword starts it’s second chapter with 11 pages of comics:

Read Chaos Sword Chapter 2 Part 1

Chaos Sword is a mystery, action, drama, and genre explorer comic by Cory Tran.

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Here’s the Chapter 2 cover, and the Chapter 2 Part 1 cover/pinup. I enjoyed making these. Scroll past for more info.

Chaos Sword Chapter 2 Cover by Cory Tran

Chaos Sword c2p1 Cover by Cory Tran


This release is the last of three big releases in three months! The previous two need your reading! All our comics are free, and ad and registration free. Please enjoy and share with your comic loving friends!

First, we released Diamond Cutter Chapter 11 by Eoin Magee, a 21 page update to the shonen dodgeball/mech epic.

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Diamond Cutter Chap11 backcover cut

Here’s the beginning of Diamond Cutter

Second, came Road Bastards 2: Episode 4, by Cory Tran. This was a huge 32 page colored hyper racing comic (Plus, the first two pages of RB2: Ep1 remade by Stefan Autsa).

Read Road Bastards 2 Episode 4! (Here’re release notes)

Road Bastards 2: Ep4 pg6 cut

Here’s the dedicated Road Bastards 2 site!

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