Announcement: Chaos Sword Chapter 2 Part 2 Coming June 20th, 2019! (9pgs + 2covers by Cory Tran)

We’re starting comic releases again! Now, our comics’ll be coming at a regular schedule (!) We also have a newsletter, which is the best way to keep updated. Join our mailing list and you’ll get updated only when we release new comics, for immediate reading.

Chaos Sword is always evolving with both art and story. For new readers, visit the Chaos Sword webpage to learn more about Cory Tran’s series (or, start reading from the first page).

Here’s the front cover of Chapter 2 Part 2:

Chaos Sword c2p2cover1 by Cory Tran

I’m excited for our comics future, what we have coming up, and with the comics Eoin and I are working on.