RELEASE: Chaos Sword Chapter 2 Part 2 by Cory Tran (9 pages, 2 covers)!

We finally continue with Chapter 2, taking a few steps back in time…

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Chaos Sword is Cory Tran’s ongoing genre-masher comic following a swordsman and the mysteriously powerful swords he wields.

From this point forward, every update will have two covers which also have their own stories.
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Chaos Sword (by Cory Tran)

New Challenger (by Eoin Magee)

Diamond Cutter (by Eoin Magee)

Road Bastards 2 (by Cory Tran and Stefan Autsa)

Blood Rush (by Eoin Magee)

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Chaos Sword c2p2cover1 by Cory Tran
Chaos Sword c2p2cover2 by Cory Tran

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