Announcement: New Chaos Sword on Oct 24! 14 Page Update by Cory Tran (Chap2 Part3)!

This is a big one, more pages story than my normal update. It’s the most revealing Chaos chunk so far (which may not be saying much – there’s an ocean of unknown!). And, the cover story should start making a little sense now, too.

If you haven’t been following Chaos SwordNow’s a great time to start. It’s my action/drama/mystery/genre-masher comic following a swordsman with a few magical swords in a bleak gunslinging world. Maybe that’s not the best explanation, so why not read it and find out? It’s only 100 or so pages so far, but with much more to come!

Here’s the first cover:

Chaos Sword c2p3 Cover1 by Cory Tran

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Our previous release was Eoin’s Diamond Cutter 12, in August.