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About Road Bastards 2

The Length of Ouroboros

Road Bastards 2 is an ongoing comic by Cory Tran, started by Stefan Autsa, from Planet Land Comics. ( About PLC )

Road Bastards 2 The Length of Ouroboros is an intergalactic race occurring in Reality XPL7. We, here at Planet Land Comics, periodically release episodes of the race into this (our native) universe. The overlords allow you, and any who wish to experience such a momentous and historic race, to submit their consciousness to the overt apex of racing stimulation. RB2 is rendered only in the comic form.

ALERT! "Planet Land comics are best read on computer screens, not puny phones (but it still works), Thanks." - Cory, under pressure.

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RB2 is part of Planet Land Comics, an online comic publication. RB2 has it's own archives page. RB2 is published beside other comics, and can be navigated between. Planet Land Comics' archives page lists all PLC comics. Road Bastards 2 updates will be posted on Planet Land Comics which can be followed here: