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About Planet Land Comics

Planet Land Comics is the online and small press publisher of Cory Tran and Eoin Magee's comics. We release our comics here, which you can browse below and read. New and continuing comics are in the works, and we've just opened an online store for printed editions! Our first printed comic is Road Bastards 2 Part 2 (which you can read online too). We're really excited for what's coming down the line! If you're interested, join our mailing list, and we'll ping you after we release a comic. We've also got Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and fb pages.

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Our Comics
Road Bastards 2 Series Image by Cory Tran
Road Bastards 2
by Cory Tran

Galactic League Hyper Racing Comics
(Transmitted from Reality XPL7)

New Challenger Series Image by Eoin Magee
New Challenger
by Eoin Magee

The Road To Battle Kingdom!
* Wrestling Tourney Comics *

Diamond Cutter Series Image by Eoin Magee
Diamond Cutter
by Eoin Magee

Shonen Dodgeball / Mech Battle / Mech Race Comics

Blood Rush Series Image by Eoin Magee
Blood Rush
by Eoin Magee

Vampire Blood Brawl Comics !

Chaos Sword Series Image by Cory Tran
Chaos Sword
by Cory Tran

Mystical Swords Swordsman vs Guns Depreicated Comix

How Do I Choose?

Road Bastards 2 is Cory's galactic league racing comic. Part 2 just released (and has a Print ed. too) Each Part is 32 pgs and is pure action (neo-octane-999-proof).

New Challenger is Eoin's newest series and a great place to start. It's one chapter (more soon!), super fun, and a great snapshot of Eoin's refined storytelling.

Blood Rush is Eoin's completed, 150 page, vampire brawl comic. It's more serious than Eoin's other works, and a real supernatural action fest.

Diamond Cutter is Eoin's oldest, and ongoing, comic. It's grown, with Eoin's skill, along with the expanding world and characters. It's shonen spirit.

Chaos Sword is Cory's oldest comic. The art and writing improve over time in this slow burn genre-blender. It's been discontinued, so honestly check out Road Bastards 2 first!

Hit Learn More on any of the series to visit their webpage.

Sokyo X Series Image by Cory Tran
Sokyo X
by Cory Tran

Coming Soon

Reviews and Media

Road Bastards 2 Part 2 flipthrough (Small Press Express)

(Small Press Express (Adam Yeater, youtube)

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