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Planet Land Comics is an artist-run online comic publication consisting of Cory Tran and Eoin Magee's comics. We've created original comics with hundreds of pages available to read. Most of our comics are ongoing, and are released by chapter or part (multiple pages at once). Join our mailing list and we'll let you know whenever we release new comics! You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook.

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Our Comics
Diamond Cutter Series Image by Eoin Magee
Diamond Cutter
by Eoin Magee
Dodgeball - Mech - Shonen - Sports - Spirit
+5 Keywords
Youth - Action - Mech-Racing - Teams! - Goals Even More Here!!
Road Bastards 2 Series Image by Cory Tran
Road Bastards 2
by Cory Tran
and Stefan Autsa
Super - Ultimate - Hyper - RACING - Ongoing
+5 Keywords
Alternate Dimension Transmission Transcribed Comics Even More Here!
Chaos Sword Series Image by Cory Tran
Chaos Sword
by Cory Tran
Drama - Mystery - Action - B&W - Experimental
+5 Keywords
Swords - Guns - Sci-Fi - Ongoing - Slow-Burn Even More Here!
New Challenger Series Image by Eoin Magee
New Challenger
by Eoin Magee
Wrestling - Robots - Champion - Challenge - Attitude
+5 Keywords
Ambition - Punching - Fight - Battle-Kingdom - Ongoing Even More Here!
Blood Rush Series Image by Eoin Magee
Blood Rush
by Eoin Magee
Vampires - Action - Battle - Supernatural - Completed
+5 Keywords
Seinen - Powers - Brawl - Mystic - ACTION! Even More Here!

How Do I Choose?

New Challenger is Eoin's newest series and a great place to start. It's one chapter (so far!), super fun, and a great snapshot of Eoin's refined storytelling.

Road Bastards 2 [Episode 4] is actually part 1 of Cory's current run. It's 32 pages, and a quick read, being a high octane race (neo-octane-999-proof).

Diamond Cutter is Eoin's oldest, and ongoing, comic. It's noticeably grown, with Eoin's skill, along with the expanding world and characters. It's shonen-vibe is strong.

Blood Rush is Eoin's completed, 150 page, vampire brawl comic. It's more serious than Eoin's other works, and a real supernatural action fest.

Chaos Sword is Cory's oldest, and ongoing, comic. But, the story is just beginning and the art and writing improve over time. You could jump into the start of Chapter 2, then go back if it interests you.

Hit "Learn More" on any of the series to visit their webpage, which has more images and info.

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