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Blood Rush!
Blood Rush is a pure action packed supernatural vampire monster brawl. Joe's brother has been kidnapped - by vampires, and Joe'll fight anybody and anything to get him back. From one battle to the next, vampires aren't the only challenge Joe will face, and through the struggle, he'll learn more about his own strength!

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More About Blood Rush

Inspired by hot blooded 80’s/90’s shonen and seinen fight comics, Eoin debuted Blood Rush in 2010. Three years later, he released the finale, completing the bloody battle, and the series with 150 pages. It's a great read, especially for those who enjoy pure action comics.

Joe's journey starts, as all great tales do, in a back alley brawl with vampires. This soon leads him to the hottest fang joint in the city, a vampire bar, where Joe learns he might not be the toughest guy around. But, with a kidnapped brother, Joe can't be deterred and he'll bleed, battle, and brawl through any obstacle to find his brother.

The story accelerates well, and the world quickly expands. There's more at play here, and Joe has to learn not every problem can be solved by punching a vampire in the face - other things need punching too!

Eoin released BR interspersed with releases of his first Planet Land Comics series, the Dodgeball/Mech epic Diamond Cutter. His newest series, the lighter wrestling/battle tournament comic, New Challenger, is a delightful read and showcases his growth.

Eoin Magee

Eoin Magee is the co-founder of Planet Land Comics, and Blood Rush was his second series on PLC, after Diamond Cutter (Dodgeball/Mech/Youth). More recently, he created New Challenger (Battle for Championship Acquirement + Wrestling (genre)).

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Blood Rush is Completed. Divided into seven Parts, totalling about 160 pages.

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Part 1

Start the Brawl with Joe, and learn his motivations. Vampires?! Yes. This is the beginning of world changing events.

The Very Beginning!

Part 2

College... The bar: '80's night, every night! It's patrons suck blood and drink booze, and somebody here knows more about Joe's brother.

College - The Bar

Part 3

Joe's needs a way out of the bar, even if he has to make one. The battles really pick up here, with - that's not a vampire is it?!

More than Vampires

Spoiler Warning

Whoa there! Keep reading the (extremely descriptive) chapter descriptions and you may spoil yourself! If you're a new reader, go ahead and jump into page 1.

Part 4

Seriously?! Joe's in it now, and the fight's aren't stopping. Some mysterious characters start revealing themselves, battle brews.

Explosions and Confrontations

Chapter 5

This chapter is awesome. It's a battle, a serious one, and Joe needs to deal.


Part 6

New characters show up, with new powers. It's non stop confrontations for Joe, and he's pitted against one of the strongest, and most brutal vampires.


Part 7 - Finale

The Blood Rush Finale! Big battles, world jumping, magic, The Master's ambitions, Joe learning about his abilities, Samuel's back, and the world is ending.

The Finale

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