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Diamond Cutter!
Rex and Eric have always dreamed of breaking into the international dodgeball world, but every attempt to create an official Beatdown High team is thwarted. Friends are made, challenges rise, and rivals appear. Then, a new world emerges when Rex stumbles onto a mech, and, with the collapse of the mech industry, the city's growing underground mech scene. He jumps into devastating battles and mech street races - how those cast aside by society make their mark. Will Rex learn to keep a level head and help his friends handle the pitfalls ahead?

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Dodgeball - Mech - Shonen - Sports - Spirit - Youth - Action - Mech-Racing - Teams! - Goals

Stadium - Dreams - Friendship - Legacy - School - Rivals - Brawl - Beatdown-City - Practice - Tournament

Moon-Base - No.1 - Mad-Teachers - Mohawk - Rec-Centre

More About Diamond Cutter

Diamond Cutter was created at the dawn of Planet Land Comics, in 2009, and is currently ongoing. Over the years, the art, story, and characters, have grown, developed, and deepened. It is a real-time recording of an artistic journey.

Rex, with Eric, Gene, and Rohan form a dodgeball team – unsanctioned by their school, Beatdown High. While dealing with their own problems, they are eventually joined by Katie and Jason to help in their aspirations. The dodgeball world, it's pro players, it's history, and the rivals the team is sure to face, all continue to expand.

But, dodgeball is only half the story! MECHS play the other half. Rex, brashly, pilots one he found, sending us into the mech world, with its own interesting characters. Mech racing – the illegal street kind - surfaces, and Rex (with the help of his new mech-community friends) is eager to jump in.

Eoin's reached Chapter 12 in 2019, and is set to ramp up into a new supercharged era. Rex, Eric, their friends and rivals, and the two worlds, continue to grow and fight every new chapter. During Diamond Cutters’ run, Eoin has also conjured up other comics, like New Challenger and Blood Rush.

Eoin Magee

Eoin Magee is a co-founder of Planet Land Comics, and Diamond Cutter was his first series for the site. Early on, he started and completed Blood Rush (Vampire Blood Brawl Comix). More recently, he created New Challenger (Battle for Championship Acquirement + Wrestling (genre)). Between it all, he also created, the comics, Merc Beat and Excessive Force.

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Diamond Cutter is currently 12 Chapters, totalling 250 pages!

Eoin Magee releases chapters at a time (~15-25 pages).

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Chapter 1

Mechs! Dodgeball! Rex! Eric! Gene! Rohan! As Rex says, "No explanation would ever be good enough"! Just start reading where the Diamond Cutter epic begins!

The Very Beginning!

Chapter 2

The first mech race! Diamond Cutter really starts to open up here. School stuff, the first Tokyo Tribe introduction, a flashback, and some mysterious rooftop racers.

Mech Challenge Accepted!

Chapter 3

Beatdown High vs East High at the Beatdown City Rec Centre 5:00 PM. And some Tokyo Tribe members stop by. Takahashi's kind of a dick! Eric, we know you have it in you!

Rec Centre - 5:00

Chapter 4

Gene's old history comes back to brawl. Will his new friends back him up? Also, the asshole is back and Rex's doesn't take shit. Some great backstory on Eric's dad and Beatdown High.

Four Gods of Dodgeball

Chapter 5

The Beatdown Brawlers vs Tokyo Tribe at the Beatdown Coliseum! The team goes to watch the pro game. Eric's Dodgeball Databook! More on the mysterious guy in a suit. Katie is stuck partnered with Rex on a science project.

The Beatdown Coliseum!

Spoiler Warning

Whoa there! Keep reading the (extremely descriptive) chapter descriptions and you may spoil yourself! If you're a new reader, go ahead and jump into page 1.

Chapter 6

Two mechs on the roof of a high school? What could go wrong?

Mech Battle

Chapter 7

The aftermath of a mech battle. Intros for Eva and John, our new mech friends. We learn about the serious mech racing circuit. Dive into the mech world this chapter.

The Mech Underground

Chapter 8

The race with Eva begins! Some more new characters show up, and we learn more about the mech world.

Start the Race!

Chapter 9

Rex returns home to his siblings. We learn who Vincent really is. Mr. Jensen returns - with an attitude change. Katie has to deal with Rex bailing on that science project.

Team Building

Chapter 10

Gene is ready for a change. Katie's on the team now, and they all pratice... with varied results. Jason arrives, and Rex's 5-Step System for Dodgeball Greatness.

Team Practice

Chapter 11

The Inter-City Dodgeball Championship begins! Is the team ready for their offical debut? The tournament begins with Beatdown High vs St. Vincent's!

Dodgeball Championship!

Chapter 12

More Inter-City Dodgeball Championship: East High vs Beatdown Prep! Then, delve into the murky mech industry with a real introduction to Oscar.

East High vs Beatdown Prep

Chapter 13

Coming Soon!

Spoiler Warning

If you are a new reader, do not delve too deep! SPOILERS await!

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** WIP - This Section is Under Construction **

Below is a reference wiki for the curious or returning reader. Diamond Cutter is the collison of dodgeball and mech worlds, with characters and legacies, teams, mechs, and events, mentioned throghout. Visit here when you want to know more. Everything is canon.

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