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New Challenger!
Battle Kingdom, the pinnacle of the wrestling world, comes around once again. A tournament pitting the best wrestlers against each other. Who will sit atop the throne after this year's grueling tournament?

But not every participant at the tournament has the experience of competing in previous years. They are the new challengers, fighting for a place alongside the established stars of the sport who will do everything in their power to stay on top.

New Challenger! Fight Comics by Eoin Magee. To the top!
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More About New Challenger

New Challenger is Eoin Magee's most recent comic creation. The first chapter focuses on a robot, Unit 10-423, pursuing his dreams and taking on the city champ, Daria. It's a wrestling/battle-comedy showcasing Eoin's refined storytelling chops with charisma and charm.

Inspired in part by laidback sports comics and a love of professional wrestling, New Challenger was started as a kind of creative reset, intended to refocus the lessons learned from previous series, Diamond Cutter and Blood Rush, into a leaner, cleaner package.

New Challenger may be only one chapter so far, but new chapters are arriving soon along with printed editions! Eoin's other comics are his dodgeball/mech youth/shonen comic Diamond Cutter and his action fest/vampire brawl seinen comic Blood Rush.

Eoin Magee

Eoin Magee is the co-founder of Planet Land Comics. New Challenger is his newest comic. Diamond Cutter (Dodgeball/Mech Epic) was his first series for PLC, started at PLC’s birth (and is still ongoing). He also started and completed Blood Rush (Vampire Blood Brawl Comix).

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New Challenger is currently 1 Chapter.

Eoin Magee releases chapters at a time (~15-25 pages).

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Challenge One

The Road to Battle Kingdom is approaching, and Unit 10-423 is programing his own destiny by challenging the city champ, Daria!

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New Challenger Approaching Soon!

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