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Chaos Sword has been discontinued. See Road Bastards 2 or Sokyo X.

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Chapter 1 Parts 1-6

The first six parts introduce us to the town, in it's current state. A double-armed hothead makes an appearance, and we gain clues about where the scientist disappeared to. The art blows here.

The Beginning

Chapter 1 Parts 7-12

The art starts to make some jumps in these parts. The scientist is found and now escape is the objective. Some action heavy pages.

Avoiding Bullets

Chapter 1 Parts 13-15

The art jumps again and begins to find it's place. A lot of action these parts, and we learn more about a new sword.

Swords vs Bullets

Chapter 2 Part 1

We follow the two as they embark on their new journey. We finally learn about what Chaos is. Can the two stand a chance against it? What is this world?


Chapter 2 Part 2

Take a step back through time to the first meeting between the two. This is also the start of the connected cover stories, which span the rest of the chapter.


Chapter 2 Part 3

Learn the swordsmans motivation for meeting the scientist, and delve into the mystery of the swords. How do they work, and why?

Slicing Glass

Chapter 2 Part 4

~~~ Only in the alternate reality ~~~

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