Road Bastards 2:
The Length of Ouroboros

A Community Comic!

Planet Land Comics presents inter-universal transmissions of the race, free for injection into your cerebrum. We, here [in Reality A1], release footage as we receive it from Planet Land Company [in Reality XPL7]. Only minimal feeds of the near infinite race survive the transmission, and renderings are depicted in comic form! For more detailed information on the race itself, visit the flying kiosk labeled About Road Bastards 2

[REDACTED AMOUNT] of competitors, from all crevices of the galaxy, race for the placement of ten lifetimes: first place, the only place that truly matters. The rules of the Road Bastards 2 race fluctuate, so it's simplest to say there are very few. Some can be can be broken (or bent, as our layman-relations officer suggests we say).

Fortunately, there are more rules and guidelines for the Gods and Creators. Planet Land Comics and Planet Land Company are strong supporters (and sponsors) of quality races. We do not advocate mediocrity (The Company claims all racers must pass passion and integrity tests). Gods of comic destiny, able to speak only in the holy sequential language, are encouraged to participate in translating the raw material we receive from XPL7. Here are the guidelines and rules

Road Bastards 2 is part of Planet Land Comics. Read about Planet Land for more information, or warp to the Planet Land Archives and start reading comics.

Episode 3
Cory Tran
Episode 1
Stefan Autsa
Episode 2
Stefan Autsa

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