The Length
of Ouroboros!

Road Bastards 2!
Presented, for injection into your cerebrum, riveting inter-universal racing transmissions. We [in Reality A1], release footage as received from Planet Land Company* [in Reality XPL7]. Only minimal feeds of the near infinite race survive the jump, and renderings are depicted in comic form. Cory Tran transmission and transcription committee, and recommends Episode 4 (aka Part 1of5) as an initial starting point.

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More About Road Bastards 2

Road Bastards 2 (The Length of Ouroboros) was initially transmitted into Stefan Autsa's squishy brain, who communicated it to the rest of Plant Land Comics. He also transcribed the first two episodes, before Cory Tran was (after rigorous testing) appointed superintendent of the Transmission and Transcription Branch.

Now bound by a Spirit-Plasma Pact, Cory's contract requires loyalty in our reality to *PLCo of Realty XPL7. Planet Land Company is the overlord conglomerate (with 86% dominance in the Milki Way galaxy) that runs The Race in R-XPL7, and should not be confused with Planet Land Comics (PLC), which is a website that releases comics by Cory and Eoin.

You are granted permission to submit your consciousness to the overt apex of racing stimulation with this historical and momentus race. Cory's contract states five transmissions in sequence to be released, exploring miscellaneous racers and characters involved in the race. So far, only one has been transmitted and released, Part 1 (aka Episode 4).

Other than death, Part's 2-5 must be T&T'd by Cory, so stay tuned to PLC for updates on future releases. Cory also makes the comic Chaos Sword, which he's not allowed to prioritize.

Cory Tran and Stefan Autsa

Cory Tran and Stefan Autsa are co-founders of Planet Land Comics. Stefan created the comics Filial Piety and S.O.D.T., both of which are now discontinued and have been submitted to the void. Stefan's RB2 contract was harsh. Cory runs T&T for RB2, makes Chaos Sword, and runs Planet Land Comics. They lessened the severity of binds on his contract.

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Road Bastards 2 is currently 4 Episodes, totalling about 60 pages.

Cory Tran releases Episodes at a time (~20-35 pages).

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Episode 5 (Part2of5) is coming in 2020.

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Episodes are listed in reverse order.

Episode 4 (Part 1 of 5)

[by Cory Tran] Racers from across the galaxy each have different levels of technology, so how can one know whether or not to provoke a competitor? The course is the truest enemy.

Part 1 of 5: Competitor Reliance

Episode 3

[by Cory Tran] Episode 3 explains how RB2 racers starting positions are determined and how they are tracked and dispersed. Yup, you guessed it:

Starting Portals

Episode 2

[by Stefan Autsa] Racers can always find a way back into the race, like Competitor 12-fbf-2 "Bladey", who's already totalled his original vehicle. (Side fact: some racers bio-mend their brains to never give up)


Episode 1

[by Stefan Autsa] Stefan introduces the race, and we follow the scorned Brogan "Film-Maker" Dervich?, as her and her computer blaze through their troubles.

Introducing... ROAD BASTARDS 2

Episode 5 (Part 2 of 5)

[by Cory Tran] Coming Soon! Transmission and Transcription Currently in progress.

Sure, beware of spoilers.
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Racer and Character Database

Listed below, are all the racers, their vehicles, and any characters that show up in the comics. Everything is canon.

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